ESRI INDIA technology, what’s trending?

This workshop was attended by guest professors and institute professor along with around 70-80 participants from all across India. The basic highlight of the event included the ESRI technology, how it has started and what their future goals are.

New innovations in elemental spectroscopy solutions for geo and environmental applications

A one hour workshop by Agilent Technology talking about the new innovations in the field of Spectroscopy and making students familiar with applications and handling of the spectroscopes. More than 100 participants attended this workshop and had an interactive session with the officials from Agilent.

ONGC: Overview of NELP scenario, onland exploration & addressing environment concern

Sh. Subhajit Brahma- Deputy General Manager (Geology)
Sh. Debashis Chakraborty- Deputy General Manager (Geology), ONGC, Kolkata

Geovale: An Integral Approach To Solve The Puzzles Of Geoscience

Geology- Structural, Sedimentology (Reservoir sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy), and Energy sector. Why they are so necessary to understand? What are the limitations?
- Petrophysics, Survey methods, Processing and Interpretation of Seismic. Detail discussion about petrophysics, well logs, seismic. Methods and utility? Limitations.
Why integration– Geology + Geophysics = Geoscience; Procedures and techniques, numerous examples.
Case studies– Mineral Exploration and Resource Modelling / Geovale’s Approach/Current Projects. Demonstration of integration of geology and geophysics for coal exploration projects in India and Abroad.
Case studies– Hydrocarbon exploration and Reservoir Modelling. Number of case studies to demonstrate the power of integration– field + analogue study+ petrophysics + seismic + velocity modelling + paleoenvironment + prospect & play concepts.
Modern day tools and software– is it necessary? – Softwares for mining and hydrocarbon modelling. Brief idea about modelling processes. Conclusions
Pre questions will be asked on the subtopics during the workshop and it will be a good chance to grab some goodies.

Cairn: 4D-Seismic

Mr. Harsh Vardhan
Mr. Bhavesh Chandra Jha
Ms. Namita Pahwa

Atomic Mineral Directorate(AMD): Prospects Of Atomic Energy

Mr. M.K. Sandilya
Mr. Yogesh Adhikari

Drilling Operations and Well Logging in Oil and Gas Exploration

Geological and petrophysical interpretation stands as an integral part of oil and gas exploration.
GeoLogix is a software company focused on providing innovative and reliable solutions for well monitoring. It has served the international oil and gas exploration industry since its inception in 1994. It has globally distributed team of geoscientists, engineers and software developers who provide systems, tools and solutions which efficiently turn your well data into secure easily shared information.
-Well log / Data interpretation in Oil Industry
-Real Time data monitoring and study
-Role of Service provider

Mineral Exploration

The event is designed to provide students a glimpse of the mineral exploration industry and to give them a practical and business perspective of mineral exploration not generally available in the classroom. Our country is a world leader in mineral exploration. This workshop is an attempt to encourage the highly qualified young students to enter the industry with a perspective of retaining our position in the leading mineral economy of the country in the future. The motto behind this production is to prepare a platform for the future Geoscientists in Mineral Exploration.
Geovale team comprises engineers, geo-scientists, analysts, mineral processing engineers, environmental and social scientists and health and safety management professionals who have an average of twenty years of field and consulting experience. Team members have been associated with reputed organisations such as Rio Tinto, Tata Steel, Reliance Industries, Essar, JSW, Geological Survey of India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Australian-Indian Resources and as consultants, provided services to top global mining companies for various commodities across all continents.
1. Deep-ocean mineral deposits as a source of critical metals for high- and green-technology applications: Comparison with land-based resources.
2. Impact of iron-reducing bacteria on the properties of argillites in the context of radioactive waste geological disposal.
3. Heavy mineral sands
4. Thermoluminescence as a tool in uranium exploration
5. Coal pillar strength estimation