Passive source 3-D tomography: A new Frontier of Earth Science

Dr. O.P. Mishra
Ministry of Earth Sciences,Government of India, National Centre of Seismology

Can shale transform India's energy fortune

Dr. Sandip K Roy
Directorate General of Hydrocarbon

Challenges in Geosciences for Geoscientists

Dr. Ranjit Rath
Chairman and Managing Director
Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd., Delhi.


Prof. Sunil Singh
National Institute of Oceanography

Uranium Exploration and Mining

Dr. A.K Sarangi
Executive Director
Uranium Corporation of India Ltd, Jamshedpur

Role of Geoscientist in Developing Oil and Gas Fields: The State of the Art

Mr. Dronamraju Sharma
Director, AKD Professional Solutions

Isotopic “Sore thumbs”: Implications to geo and cosmochemical processes.

Dr. R.V. Krishnamurthy
Prof. Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Western Michigan University

Recent Advances in Well logging Techniques

Mr. Asim Samanta
Ret. Group General Manager,ONGC

Growth of E&P Sector and Future Challenges

Mr. Saumitra Gupta
Freelance Principal Consultant
Geologist, visiting faculty Presidency University

Reservoir Evaluation for shale

Mr. Udit Guru
Ex-Advisor, Petrophysicist at Schlumberger

Excitement of Studying Earth Science

Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharya
Senior Professor
IIT Kharagpur

Monitoring of Groundwater and Surface Water in the Bengal Basin: an Overview

Mr. Md. Ejar Uddin
Former Director
Bangladesh Water Development Board

Seismic in the gamut of Hydrocarbon Exploration & production: an API overview

Mr. Pulak Kumar Bera
Dy. Suptdg Geophysicist(S)
ONGC Ltd., Jorhat

"Petrophysics in the 21st Century” :More important than ever

Mr. Udit Guru
Petrophysics at Schlumberger

Evaluation of a mineral resource, Bunder Diamond Project- A case study

Mr. Hrishikesh Das
Senior Geologist
Geovale Services