How do I reach Kharagpur?

Kharagpur (KGP) station is connected to all the major train stations of the country. But in case if your station has no direct trains to KGP then catch a train to Kolkata. It takes 2-3 hours by train to reach Kharagpur from Kolkata.

How do I reach IIT campus on reaching KGP station?

The route from station to IIT KGP is not at all hectic rather a well known one. You can hire a cab or an auto from KGP station to IIT Kharagpur. The recent rates are around Rs10 per person for auto or a cab facility with 6-8 occupancy for Rs 150 per cab.

What about accommodation during the fest?

There will be no problem of accommodation on reaching IIT campus. Accommodation will be free of cost. Accommodation for girls will be separate and will have 24 hour authorized security. You will be provided with blankets, pillows and mattress.

What about the security, I have fears that my belongings could be stolen?

IIT Kharagpur has 24 hours of vigilant and authorized security in the entire campus. Security personnel will be at the security desk of individual hostels. But still avoid carrying any expensive items which are not required. We can't guarantee the safety of your belongings, we will try our level best to ensure the security but you are solely responsible for the safety of your belongings.

Where do I eat?

There are number of good restaurants within the campus which serve both non-veg and veg dishes. Further, this time Prithvi 2018 is possibly going to have a food court with caterers like Dominos Pizza, Rooster etc.

In case of medical emergency, where should I go?

Campus has B.C. Roy Hospital with 24 hours of medical facility. In case of medical emergency do inform our team members and we shall ensure immediate action. Contacts are provided on the website of Prithvi 2018.

How many participants and teams can participate from one university?

There is no limit on number of participants and number of teams from a university.

In how many events can one participate?

You can participate in all the events. We will make sure that no events overlap.

What about team registration?

Team registration will be done on the spot.

What are the registration charges ?

The registration charges will be disclosed soon. This includes entry to all events, guest lectures, workshops, one Executive dinner and accommodation in hostels. Each participant will receive T-shirts, writing pads, folders and other goodies against that money.

When will I get my certificates and prizes?

Certificate and prizes will be given on the concluding day of the Prithvi 2018.

I still have some unanswered questions. What do I do?

Your questions are always welcome. Contact of the team members looking after each event is provided with individual events. For general query you can mail to query@prithvi-geo.in.