It is well said that there is no substitute for improvisation and innovation, the oil and gas sector is in dire need to ignite and fuel the curiosity of younger minds to become a part of the sector. This event aims at testing the fundamentals of the participants. Participants will get to apply their knowledge on an actual case study from the industry and showcase their analytical and thinking skills. The basic aim is to encourage students to think out of the box and provide dynamic solutions to the problems faced by the industries. Boasting an elaborate and unique format, this prestigious event provides participants with an unparalleled mental exercise. Formulation of action-oriented recommendations to real-world problem is not for the faint hearted! Showcase your decision making and problem solving attitude to win handsome prize money!!

  1. A team of minimum 2 and a maximum of 4 students is allowed.
  2. Students from different universities can collaborate to form a single team.
  3. Only one entry allowed per team.
  4. The Event will be conducted in Two rounds :-

Round-1(Abstract Submission):
An Abstract will be submitted by all the teams.
The abstract should contain the basic idea of the proposed solution (in .pdf or .doc format).
Based on the submission teams will be shortlisted for round 2.
This round will be conducted in IIT KGP.
The selected teams will make a PowerPoint presentation containing a detailed solution.
10 minutes will be provided for Presenting the solution and 5 minutes for questionnaire
  1. Teams which are not present for their presentation will be disqualified.
  2. Every Participant must be registered on our web page, failing to do so will lead to disqualification.

  • Will be updated soon.

Siddhesh Dhondalkar
Ph No. : 7427911999

"Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open"
Get your grey cells to work with explique. With Prithvi’19 we provide you a platform to present your views/understanding on the listed topics. Mesmerize the audience with the presentation of your idea on the mentioned topic.

What you can present?
  1. Present your own project/ research work/understanding related to the given topic.
  2. Scrutinize the given topic; look for problems and solutions, and various advancements in that field.
You can take help from different material available on the internet. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.

  1. Maximum team size is 3. Minimum is 2.
  2. The event consists of two rounds – prelims and final.
  3. Send abstract of your research work or ideas that fall under following categories:
  4. 1. Natural gas: a study into the formation
    2. Unconventional Shale Gas Resources
    3. Exploitation of Hydrocarbon Reserves
    4. Freshwater of the future: a study of the transformation of ocean water
    5. Future sources of energy: other than hydrocarbon
    6. Enhanced Oil Recovery
    7. Relating slow-slip and tectonic tremor to subduction zone earthquake hazards
    8. Reservoir Fluid Properties and Phase Equilibria
    9. Seismic reflection/refraction analysis of Structures
    10. Hydrocarbon exploration
  5. Submit your abstract for prelims to latest by 15th March 2019.
  6. Format of the abstract file should be in .pdf
  7. Plagiarism is strictly discouraged. Any participant found indulging in such methods would be immediately disqualified.
  8. Teams selected after prelims will be allowed in the final round for presentation during Prithvi’19
  9. Presentations should be in English. Use PPT only.
  10. Presentations will be of the (5+2) pattern where the first 5 minutes will be for presenting your idea and the next 2 minutes will be an open house question answer session.
  11. Judging will be done based on the idea, clarity of presentation and Q&A session.
  12. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 5000
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 3000
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 2000

Vijay Kumar
Ph No.: 9933470017

Every Geoscience student is passionate to capture the peerless beauty of Mother Earth. We all love to present our creative side by clicking some amazing scenic beauty. Prithvi 2019 will help you in showcasing these pictures, through an online event on social media. We will display your pictures from field, excursion or any trip that has significant geological and natural radiance. Based on public response, the winning photographer will be awarded a cash prize and the pictures will be displayed during Prithvi inauguration.

  1. An individual is allowed to send just one photograph. Send your entries at: Last date is 15th March.
  2. Please do send the photograph with your details (including your Name, College, Registration ID), photograph location and an apt caption. Do send us your facebook timeline link to get yourself tagged with your photograph on our facebook page.
  3. You can share picture of geological features, field image of natural beauty but it should be original.
  4. Photos can be edited but only to a limited extent. Excessive editing will lead to disqualification.
  5. Copying from internet or any such malpractice will lead to disqualification.
  6. Unnecessary writing on photograph will lead to disqualification but one can use markers( oval,curves) to mark any feature and number it on the photograph and put up an index against the numbers to describe the features. This description will be put up in the image description part.
  7. Number of likes and shares received would only be considered. Higher weightage will be given to number of shares. Discretion of Team Prithvi is final in this matter.
  8. Prizes will be given to those participants only who are present during Prithvi'19. No request for dispatch through courier/money order will be entertained.
  9. Team Prithvi has right to share the photograph on any platform.

  • INR Worth 2000.

Sudeep Raj
Ph No.:7478056777

Light up your brain and bring out the imaginative and creative skills that is hidden in you, to build up a 3D model. Geo-modelling provides you a platform to represent surface/subsurface geological processes occurring in the earth system in the form of 3 D model . So gear up your skills and get ready to play with your innovative ideas!

Problem Statement:- Participating team need to present a working model. Model can depict a geological / geophysical / petroleum setting or phenomenon. Participants can also present a 3D design of model on any software.

  • Each team cannot have more than 5 members.
  • Participants must give a small description of presented model at the time of the competition. There can be questions from the viewer side also and answer of those questions will be get counted in team performance.
  • The model must be a Working model.
  • Any material can be employed for construction of the model.

Last date of submission of abstract /model description Will be updated soon.
Disclaimer- PRITHVI has a right to make changes in the rules and regulation. No objection will be entertained on the decision of judges.

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 5000
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 3000
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 2000

Vikas Raman
Contact No.: 8051509559

"You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.” Geo-spectrum is a Quiz competition which will test the participant’s quizzing aptitude on a broad spectrum of subjects of Earth Science. It is a team event. Though the major emphasis will be on exploration, it will touch many other facets of Geo – Sciences in a very interesting format. It will be conducted in two rounds. The first round will be a written test consisting of multiple choice questions. Top scoring teams in round one will proceed to next stage comprising of oral questions including audio and visual rounds.

Geo Spectrum will be conducted during Prithvi 2019. It will consist of a Preliminary Round followed by a Final Round.
Team Size: 2-4
Preliminary round :-
  1. Register yourself for the event in a group of 2 to 4.
  2. There will be a written MCQ round of 60 minutes duration.
  3. Top 6 teams will be chosen for the final round of the GeoSpectrum.
Final round:-
Answer it-Pass on (round one):-
  1. Each team will be asked 3 questions .
  2. If the team answers the question correctly, they will be awarded 10 points.
  3. If the team concerned fails to answer ,the question will be passed onto the next team.
Rapid Fire(round two):-
  1. Each team will be given two minutes and they can answer as many questions as they can.
  2. Each question carries 10 points.
  3. They can switch over to the next question if they fail to answer.
Audio Visual (round three):-
  1. Audio – Visual Questions will be asked.
  2. Each question will carry 20 marks.
  3. Questions will not pass on.
  4. There will be negative marking of 10 marks for any wrong answer.

  • INR Worth 7000

Sudeep Raj
Contact No. :7478056777

Why do I love thee, O Night?
Because you know I will never answer.
-Vera Nazarian
Cannot fathom what to do with your wandering brain during the night?
Grid-nite offers you a challenging as well as a fun experience to keep yourself occupied. It's an over night event where participants will be given the grid the evening before and the answers will be collected the following morning. It involves creativity as well as presence of mind.
Participants will be provided with a grid which will carry words related to Earth Sciences. They have to solve the grid and find as many words as they can. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
Here's a twist - The competition isn't about finding the maximum number of words from the grid, it's about creating as many geologically meaningful sentences using these keywords.

  1. Participants will be provided with a grid which contains specific words in the evening.
  2. The participants have to write all the words they were able to seek from the grid.
After collecting these words, the participants have to go a step further and create *geologically meaningful* sentences and underline the used keyword from the grid and submit the final sentences and words the next morning.
Marking scheme -
  1. The number of letters in each word equals to a single point. For instance, Dyke gets you 4 points and fault gets you 5 points.
  2. Overall score is calculated in the following way -
Example - The words acquired from the grid are rock and magma.
Sentence 1. *Rocks* are beautiful. ( 0 points, No geological meaning)
Sentence 2. *Magma* is solid. (0 points, no geological significance)
Sentence 3. *Rocks* are found beneath the earth's surface ( 5 + 1 points, makes sense, used 1 word from the grid)
Sentence 4. *Magma* has a very high temperature. (5 + 1 points, makes sense, used 1 word from the grid)
Sentence 5. *Rocks* are obtained from cooling of *magma*. (10 + 2 points, makes sense, used 2 words in the same sentence from the grid)
Note - The participants are allowed to use singular / plural form of these words wherever they find it adequate.
Example - The words obtained from the grid are mineral and sediment.
The following words will be legal - minerals and sediments.

P.S. - No extra points for an extra S.
P.P.S. - Plagiarism of any kind will be severely punished. ( 0 points will be given to each team with the same sentence )

  • INR Worth 4000

Deepak Yadav
Contact No. : 7479077222

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." Have the zeal to hunt the things in field of Earth Science that make you different and unique. Prithvi’19 presents a platform for our budding geoscientist who seeks there future in field of Exploration. The task involves using geophysical prospecting methods to locate objects whose expected properties are known. Design of the survey and its execution is the challenge. Equipment will be provided.

  1. Internet/Wi-fi usage is strictly prohibited during the event.
  2. Complete care should be taken while handling the instruments.
  3. Participants must bring Laptops with required software installed for prospecting like MATLAB and SURF.
  4. Problem statement along with field setup with necessary instruments for prospecting will be provided by our team during the event.
Team Size
Maximum 3 members.
Judging Criteria
Best solution based on the accuracy of readings and its interpretation provided technically, keeping the track of time by the the team will be taken into consideration for declaring the winners.

  • Will be updated soon.

Will be updated soon.

The identification of Rocks and minerals are key attributes of a good earth scientist. But this event requires to have a much broader perspective of hand specimens. Therefore Palaeontology has been clubbed with Mineralogy to give MINREX. Hand specimen identification involves immaculate eyes, thorough knowledge and mind of a hawk. It is not easy to instantly recognise every rock type and mineral, instead proper identification is achieved by a systematic querying of its properties. It’s It’s time to churn up your gray cell as prithvi-19 brings you a platform that would test your geological skills to the brink and push your mind to the edge of its capacity. So, if you think mineral and fossil identification is your fortitude, then it’s time for your Knowledge under the sword of MINREX.

  1. Maximum team size is 4.
  2. The event consists of two rounds – prelims and final.
  3. The prelims will be a test of your knowledge of Crystallography , Optical Mineralogy and Palaeontology. It will contain MCQ questions.

  4. The final round would be based on rock and mineral identification along with some index fossils' identification and the rules will be disclosed on the venue itself.
  5. Top 5 teams with maximum score will be shortlisted for the finals.
  6. The finals will be a challenging experience for you to maneuver the minerals, rock samples and some basic fossils through the various properties observing the streak, hardness, lustre, cleavages and other physical properties as well as to see the minerals in depth. In the context of fossils you will be required to identify some simple characteristics of the given fossils. A combination of these two is sure to complete a proper sweep of the student’s identification skills in all authenticity.

  • INR Worth 7000

Soumili Das
Ph. No. : 7479024470

Is quizzing your forte? If yes, Prithvi brings you a platform to check on your Earth science knowledge. Also it is handy to those aspiring for competitive examinations. So before appearing for the next competitive exam or class test, measure your aptitude with our Online Quiz designed exclusively for you.

    General Information:
  1. Team size: 1 members only.
  2. Registration deadline :Will be updated soon.
  3. Quiz window : Will be updated soon.
  4. Quiz duration: Will be updated soon.
  5. Total number of questions: 40
  6. Questions will appear one by one.
  7. You'll not be able to browse through the questions.
  8. Only Team Leader, person who registered the team, will be able to play the quiz.
  9. You'll be able to modify your answers post submission.
  10. Rules:
  11. The quiz will be conducted for 3 days and the quiz the winner will be decided afte the IIT kharagpur annual symposium on the 19th of march.
  12. The results of the quizes and the prizes will be announced on the prithvi page (
  13. Each participant can take the quiz only once on any of the three day.
  14. In case of tie time completion will be the deciding factor.
  15. Decision of the organiser will be final and binding.

  • Prize worth Rs 3000

Priyank Sangani
Ph No.: 7478004111

Scientific Paper Presentation, The Platform for presenting research
Making Posters is the best way to convey information about a topic. Prithvi provides you a platform to present your research. Poster Presentation will require submission of poster on recently published papers or on-going research /projects in the field of Geoscience.
For Poster presentation, you can choose ANY topic related to Geoscience.
In the past, we had submissions from participants on varied topics ranging from unconventional hydrocarbons, plate tectonics, structural, stratigraphical and geo-chemical modelling to seismic analysis, near surface geophysics etc. Note that above topics are for giving example only. You are free to choose any topic but it should have direct or indirect relationship with Geosciences.

Event Structure
Event will be organised in two phases.
Round 1 : Date of online submission of abstract Will be updated soon.
Send your entries at- ""
Round 2: Selected teams from round 1 will present their work during prithvi-2019
Selected teams should bring the poster with them for the presentation. The poster should strictly adhere to the guidelines mentioned below.
*Participants are requested to bring poster printed on flex, we will not provide printing facility.
  1. A team can comprise maximum three participants.
  2. There is no word limit.
  3. Top 3 teams would get merit certificate.
  4. Decision of judge’s would be final.
Poster Presentation
  1. All material must be accessible without having to lift or turn pages.
  2. All materials should be placed within the assigned display area.
  3. Time allotted for the poster will be 15 minutes(10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for queries, if any by the judges).
Poster Format:
  1. Your poster must not exceed 48 inches in height or 42 in inches width. (A0 is most preferable )
  2. Name of the presenter and the institution are not to be displayed during competition but may be mentioned before presenting and while announcing the result.

Any kind of arguments or misbehaviour may lead to disqualification of the team.

  • INR Worth 10000

Priyank Sangani
Ph No.: 7478004111

Terra wars is a battle to be fought on Google Earth grounds. The side with the brightest minds of geologists shall survive and win the combat. So come and test your Mathematical skills applied in Geological fields and experience the epic results. The question paper will contain 2 sets: one containing multiple choice questions on structural geology and other set of questions will be solved using google earth platform. The time limit of the event is 1 hour.

Question Paper for Terra Wars Prelims Click Here

  1. This will be a team event with each team comprising of 2-4 members.
  2. Participants must bring Laptops with required software installed like google earth.
  3. The teams need to have a good network connection along with power backup as to download files as required.
  4. A participant cannot take part in multiple teams.

  • INR Worth 7000

Rishabh Kumar
Contact No. : 7478083777

“I don't pretend to know everything; I just only speak on matters I know I'll win.”
― Criss Jami

An interest in geology and a will to speak , this is all it needs. For all the wordsmiths out there, this event is just for you. Participants will be given topics related to geology on which they will have to write an article. After this the shortlisted participants will be given another topic during PRITHVI’19 and one day time to prepare a speech. Final judgement will be made on 3 factors: content, understanding of the topic and elocution.

  1. Submit article on any one of these three topics -
    1. Shale oil - modern oil for modern era.
    2. Is petroleum towards it's end?
    3. Climate change - A race towards new mass extinction?
  2. Article word limit for first round will be 270-300 words.
  3. Selected participants from first round will be move to the second round.
  4. Submit your abstracts at Last date of submission is 11th March'19(Midnight 12am).
  1. Second Round topic will be same as first round.
  2. Participants will have to prepare a speech of about 3-4 mins exceeding which penalty will be awarded.
  3. Judgement will be based on content, elocution and understanding of the topic.
  4. Participants will have to answer a question from the judge or other participants after his/her speech.Language used throughout the event will be English.

  • 1st prize - 4,000.
  • 2nd prize - 2,000
  • 3rd prize - 1,000

Sajal Goyal
Ph No.: +91-7477754333
Email: |